Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Funniest Sign of Your Life

Observe the street sign and tell me what is wrong:

Blue embroidered dress tucked into a denim mini-skirt, with a white sweater, and pink tights.
Lately, I look in my closet and my dresser and find my clothing painfully limited to very few choices. I don't wear at least three-quarters of my clothing and probably more, as I never really liked them and don't know why I bought them. I told my mother this and she nearly had a cow. I love her, but really, "You have so many clothes!" It's true, but as I tried to explain, I have few that I can wear. I was contemplating a rumage sale and using the money from that to finance new clothing, but that is not permitted in my area and I really wanted to talk to the putuckuses who made that law. I could make an ebay account to sell my junk. . .

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