Monday, March 30, 2009

A Take on Aberzombies

I absolutely LOVE to wear my hot pink tights. All day, I'm followed by stares that are plainly saying something to the effect of, "Is she insane?" I love those stares.
Now, about the title. I have nothing against people who always wearing a tee from Abercrombie, Hollister, or anywhere else where one buys boring clothes. It's just not very fun to look at, you know. But if you wear things from those stores in a different way than the norm, go ahead! In fact, that's just what I did today I wore an American Eagle t-shirt under something. Observe:

I wore an AE t-shirt, sister's blue flowy top, pink tights, and a fabric scrap necklace and bracelets(scraps from AC Moore).
Here is a crow on a satellite dish for your enjoyment!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I wore a floral 60s shaped dress from JC Penny's and a sweater I found thrifting.

Normally, I don't start off a post with pictures, normally I give you some pointless story about my day. Nothing funny happened to me to day. Or maybe I was in a bad mood so I couldn't see the humor. Anyway something funny happened to me the day before yesterday. I was with Renata and Gabriel (of Intreegue) and we were in a resturant undoing the small knit of these fabric scraps, when people we don't even know come up to us and started asking us strange things about what we were doing. These children were asking us why we make our own clothes. We told them we only do sometimes, but , I told them, it was because we are amish (Gabriel's cell phone had been on the table). It was a very pointless, but quite entertaining. We were laughing our heads off as soon as they left. Thinking about it makes me feel much happier. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ducks of the Dead

When I was posing for my sister to take pictures of me, these two ducks start coming near us, blocking us from the lake near our photo shoot. We were okay with it and we told them that we didn't have food (as if they could understand us) and as we were finishing we were walking along the lake and the mother duck (I think it was) was waddling along behind us. I thought she was following, but when we stopped to take a picture of her, the daddy duck, and the baby duck we had spotted in the lake, she kept going, but we managed to get pictures of them all. The mom had murder written on her face so I ran and my sister came behind me.
Never cross a wild duck.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Half off on Wednesdays"

Yesterday I went thrifting at a Salvation Army store with Renata (of and we found the most amazing early 60s dress with a peter pan colar. It wasn't particularly my style but I can appreciate it. I'm just surprised that someone would donate it rather than sell it to a vintage store. I bought a black and white striped sweater that looked newish and it was supposed to be $5, but when I paid for it the lady charged me 50% off declaring "Half off on Wednesdays!" It was a Saturday.
Today, I went to Target (where else) with my mom and got a red tiger striped t-shirt (may sound lame, but is amazing) and a brightly colored, striped polo (I've been looking for one since my old one wore out). Here is what I wore:
White Cardigan, black long-sleeved tee, bermudas with studs and buttons and things, black polka-dotted umbrella

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tip-Toeing Through Rain Drops

Well, on the way to my mini-photo shoot, I was walking with mi hermana Laurie (No I'm not Spanish, but I'm taking classes. I find myself saying 'porque' instead of 'because' on most days.) and as we were searching for a location to shoot at, I picked a bit of orange bouganvilla, hoping I would not be as unfortunate as to get pricked by a thorn (don't worry, my fingers are intact). And we found a spot on a levee blocking my neighborhood from a highway. My sis had some trouble getting up (her shoes pain her, so she wears them with the backs folded down) and she lost them twice, the second time of which I had to kick them back to her (I couldn't reach down or I would have fallen off the stupid hill-like mound of dirt) and I got dirt in them, which was hurting her feet a little. Afterwards, she took her shoes off and walked through fallen bouganvilla buds saying ,"It's like tip-toeing through raindrops." To which I say, "Do you means it's inevitable," and she nods her head vigorously. I love my silly sister.
I wore a Led Zepplin t-shirt, a denim mini-skirt, gray tights, and a cream colored, gray patterned jacket. And also black and blue skate shoes (I do not skate, I have tried).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Oddly, today someone called me a dwarf. It doesn't sound that strange to you, but the fact that I am so tall caused me to laugh my head off. People were diverting their path around mine to avoid my insane laughter. I knew the person intended it as a joke, no one in their right mind would call me a dwarf (I'm over six feet tall), but, honestly it was the funniest thing I'd heard all day.

The smart scientists of Japan have been developing a "fashion bot." It can walk and pose and it will be on a runway in Japan (no lie). The article said it was five feet two inches and I don't think they gave it artificial intelligence (or what they've developed of that so far), but I really want to see it in person. Here are some pictures:

I wore a yellow v-neck tee, white mesh under tank, a beige kaffeia, or however you spell that, a pair of straight-legged jeans from American Eagle, and white Converse shoes. This would be an example of semi-casual, if you were wondering.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today is the first day of this blog so I would like everyone reading this to break a dance move in celebration.
You did? Thank you!

Today, as you should know is St. Patrick's Day and if you didn't know this by this hour I suggest you take a good look around because I'm seeing green everywhere. And unfortunately, most of it was tacky, like the green below. St. Patty's is a fun kind of day for most, but I am sorry to say that I was pinched, hard, for "forgetting" to wear green. I really didn't forget, but everyone else wears green today so I am compelled not to do so.

This is what I wore today.

Skirt: Target ; Tights: Target; Jacket: Target; T-shirt: Wouldn't you know it, Target

And here are some tacky people for your enjoyment.
My sister insisted that I mention her. Yes, My sister Laurie took the picture of me up there.