Wednesday, April 15, 2009

People Stare When You Wear Something Cool. . .

And that's okay! It's perfectly acceptable to stare at me when I'm wearing an amazing outfit! Now, I might question the sanity of people when they stare at me when I'm not wearing something amazing. I went to a grocery store the other day wearing this 'cool' outfit. I mean it wasn't my best, but I think people just have the tendency to stare at those people with slashed clothes. I mean people were staring staring. And it was getting on my nerves, so I got my deli sliced turkey and rushed my mother so we could leave soon.
Maybe it looked untasteful, tacky, just bad? You tell me:
I wore a white tee shirt denim mini-skirt, dark grey tights, and a DIYed yellow scrap vest.


  1. If you feel happy in it and know you can pull it off, then don't think about what other people think hehe :)

  2. I Actually Really Like The Scrappy Vest !

    -Eva xxx