Thursday, August 13, 2009


Okay, I was taking pictures and my sister was like, "Do something!", so I put my hands on the ceiling and made a weird face and she was like, "No, I like that," so followed a series of quite uncomfortable poses involoving the loss of blood to my arms. I picked these photos because I dwarf my front door and it looked funny and cool.

I'm wearing a graphic tee shirt with a sleeveless blue button down that used to have sleeves as a vest of sorts, skinny-ish jeans in a dark wash.
This is before we got the giant idea, but it showcases the outfit better.


  1. oh, cool photos:) youre so tall too, i wish i was!

    and thanks for dropping by my blog!
    xx raez

  2. you can reach the ceiling??? omg you must be so tall. im jealous. hahaha you look beautiful :]

  3. I love your shoes in the first photo :)

  4. oh yes, that´s really the problem. I´ve 10 bags and use two and I´ve more than 125 pair of shoes, but some of them are like new.

    but I can´t stop to buy some new one.

    nice blog

    greets Nic

  5. hi gorgeous
    thanks for dropping by!
    you've got such a sweet blog :)
    i love your vest idea!
    hmmm...i'm eyeing a few shirts i wouldn't mind hacking into right now! :p


  6. your pictures are nice

  7. I used to stretch my arms and try to reach the ceilings when I'm feeling like I'm too short! It's so cool that you're tall! No wonder you look great in those pants :-) xxoxoxo

  8. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    love these fun photos!
    much love from Ireland xx

  9. haha I wish I could do that :P

  10. hey there! i love your pose too! its interesting what looks good on camera that you dont realise in real life...if that makes sense!? the name of your blog is so totally hilerious i LOVE it....i think being semi fashionable is a much better thing!

  11. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog !

    You should get another velvet dress, they're always so fun to match with !

    Ohhhh and I love your poses ! And those shoes are beautiful <3

  12. I love your shoes!

    Thanks for the comment, and yay for Harry Potter fans!

  13. Rad poses, you look like you're having so much fun!

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  15. As a short person, I am jealous of your height. I really like your vest too

  16. awesome pics! haha i agree with malena, i'm short too!

  17. woahhh YOUR POSE IS INTENSE MAN! i love it, totally made my day, even though i just woke up... so it kickstarted my day very nicely (?)

  18. lol Katie! your door looks really intimidated by your gradeur