Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Oddly, today someone called me a dwarf. It doesn't sound that strange to you, but the fact that I am so tall caused me to laugh my head off. People were diverting their path around mine to avoid my insane laughter. I knew the person intended it as a joke, no one in their right mind would call me a dwarf (I'm over six feet tall), but, honestly it was the funniest thing I'd heard all day.

The smart scientists of Japan have been developing a "fashion bot." It can walk and pose and it will be on a runway in Japan (no lie). The article said it was five feet two inches and I don't think they gave it artificial intelligence (or what they've developed of that so far), but I really want to see it in person. Here are some pictures:

I wore a yellow v-neck tee, white mesh under tank, a beige kaffeia, or however you spell that, a pair of straight-legged jeans from American Eagle, and white Converse shoes. This would be an example of semi-casual, if you were wondering.


  1. hello! stumbled upon your blog and glad i did =) i would def. love one of those fashion bot outfits!

  2. I'm glad your stumbling upon caused mine. I love your blog.