Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Half off on Wednesdays"

Yesterday I went thrifting at a Salvation Army store with Renata (of and we found the most amazing early 60s dress with a peter pan colar. It wasn't particularly my style but I can appreciate it. I'm just surprised that someone would donate it rather than sell it to a vintage store. I bought a black and white striped sweater that looked newish and it was supposed to be $5, but when I paid for it the lady charged me 50% off declaring "Half off on Wednesdays!" It was a Saturday.
Today, I went to Target (where else) with my mom and got a red tiger striped t-shirt (may sound lame, but is amazing) and a brightly colored, striped polo (I've been looking for one since my old one wore out). Here is what I wore:
White Cardigan, black long-sleeved tee, bermudas with studs and buttons and things, black polka-dotted umbrella

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