Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tip-Toeing Through Rain Drops

Well, on the way to my mini-photo shoot, I was walking with mi hermana Laurie (No I'm not Spanish, but I'm taking classes. I find myself saying 'porque' instead of 'because' on most days.) and as we were searching for a location to shoot at, I picked a bit of orange bouganvilla, hoping I would not be as unfortunate as to get pricked by a thorn (don't worry, my fingers are intact). And we found a spot on a levee blocking my neighborhood from a highway. My sis had some trouble getting up (her shoes pain her, so she wears them with the backs folded down) and she lost them twice, the second time of which I had to kick them back to her (I couldn't reach down or I would have fallen off the stupid hill-like mound of dirt) and I got dirt in them, which was hurting her feet a little. Afterwards, she took her shoes off and walked through fallen bouganvilla buds saying ,"It's like tip-toeing through raindrops." To which I say, "Do you means it's inevitable," and she nods her head vigorously. I love my silly sister.
I wore a Led Zepplin t-shirt, a denim mini-skirt, gray tights, and a cream colored, gray patterned jacket. And also black and blue skate shoes (I do not skate, I have tried).

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